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About Us

Nuages Pearl Jewelry Co., Ltd. (Nuages Jewelry)


Taizhou Nuages Pearl Jewelry Co., Ltd. is a breeding, processing, design, sales, research into the professional pearl and gemstone company, after years of unremitting efforts and pearl processing industry of the pursuit, determined to become a good pearl, beautiful fashion jewelry manufacturer.

Nuages Pearl Jewelry has excellent knowledge and experience, paying attention to technology innovation, the industry-leading process technology can be processed with standard delivery, products are exported to more than 30 countries.

In recent years, reliance on local resources to pearls, Nuages Pearl Jewelry committed to developing the pearl beads, gemstone jewelry gifts for the theme, design new products to cater to international fashion trends, and made a number of countries in creating patents, utility model patents, packaging and decoration the patent. The company will inherit the usual professional, attentive spirit, and constantly develop new products, providing customers with excellent price of poor quality fashion jewelry gifts.

We have always maintained, Nuages Pearl Jewelry is just a carrier, carrying the pearl culture to flourish. Nuages Pearl Jewelry made ​​of pearl market is the huge concentration according to your needs to your eyes. Easy to select or tailor-made for you and hope through our efforts, the pearl of beauty and your beauty together.

 In this, the chairman Xu Yan thank all the staff for our new and old customers the support and love.