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Pearl Story

Pearl origin: When we think of sparkling brilliant, breathtaking jewelry, the mind will not help appear smooth pearl shine. The so-called "jewelry", in addition to including a variety of different stones outside, leaving a shortfall can not be precious pearls. Pearl of the importance of a long history. Legend has 5,000 years of history pearl in China, the earliest record of Confucius; said, and freshwater pearls as precious gifts, starting from 2206 BC; zones in Persia, 2000 BC, pearls have been the remains; Egypt Greeks in 330 BC and has been decorated with pearls to do; Alexander down after the Persian army, returning from India, also brought back a lot of pearls.


Story in the history of Rome, also referred to as the aristocratic favorite pearl jewelry. Some Roman woman wearing more 24 hours, make people's health and wealth. In European history, a period is called "pearl time," reflects a love of pearls. Period of the Crusades, Europeans from the East brought back a lot of pearls, a pearl in Europe began to boom in the next few centuries were nobles, warriors, etc. used as personal ornaments. Later, it became a royal proprietary pearl gems. In 1612, in Saxony also announced a law prohibiting the nobility, professionals and civilians to wear pearls, only emperors can have this privilege. Britain's Queen Elizabeth I is also very fond of pearls, her dress and hair are often pearl foil, books like as evidence.


After Columbus discovered the New World early, some of the writer described seeing the pearls inside the hut, the number of up to two gallons. They wrote of Indiana, the temple is said to be useful pearls for decoration; the mound in the United States, Ohio, to explore a large number of freshwater pearls, confirmed that when the Indians were already know how to use pearl as necklace, hair and copper sculptures the decoration. The natives believe that pearls have high status, so even imitate the products appear.


When we read the history of China, the book has mentioned often as a tribute dedicated to the emperor with pearls, ministers, concubines and so on. The precious pearl of the Chinese people should be very clear, because it is very well known since ancient times.


Pearls and other precious stones is different from it without going through pondering, is a beautiful eye-catching accessories, this is it's unique. Ancient people believed that pearls can cure thyroid virus, bringing the wearer good luck, lucky pearl for the June birthday stones, which also represents the second anniversary of wedding jewelry, a symbol of happiness. Diamond is the king of precious stones (King of Gems), Pearl is the gem of the Queen (Queen of Gems), the former feel cold (because it is a mineral), which is warm (because pearls are organic objects) to represent the wisdom and love, no other jewelry can be compared with it.


Pearl culture has a long history of 5,000 years of Chinese civilization in history, the pearl of recorded history of 4,000 years. From the Qin Dynasty, the pearl has become a luxury the court dignitaries, the Emperor has begun to accept offer beads, paper mill to the Eastern Han Han Guiyang Prefecture Shundi "seeking Mei Zhu Xian", the Western Han Dynasty royal princes are also widely used pearls, pearls become distinguished symbol. Qing 'Great Qing Code "reads: the emperor's crown on twenty-two toward the Big East beads, emperor, empress, empress dowager, imperial concubine concubines as well as civilian and five items, military attache Jieke officials above the fourth grade to wear court dress, wearing beads, only the Emperor, Empress, Empress East Pearl beads can be worn. East beads beads beads into the 108 East, reflecting the supreme ruler of the feudal society of the distinguished image.


Renaissance in the West, painting "Birth of Venus" vividly depicts the formation of pearl fairy tale: Venus, slowly open as a giant shell slowly surfaced, who shed countless droplets, water droplets instantly into a pearl white capsules, lifelike, gives people a feeling of beauty.


Throughout history, pearls have been a symbol of the rich, happy, happy, and noble. Representative of the feudal social elite status with pearls, power, money and distinguished identity, civilians to pearl symbol of happiness, peace and good fortune.


Back in the early stages of mankind, when the primitive along the coast and rivers to find food, they found the pearl, since then, it has been the subject of human favor. So far, they are still the most valuable human asset. Perhaps part of the reason is because they do not have additional modification can show their bright, and to its extensive use. So far, for personal adornment, there is no other place occupied by the material is more compelling than a pearl.


Pearl was mentioned in the Talmud before, then the Egyptians, Persians, and Indians also had a pearl of great concern, through them, the Romans began to familiar with pearls. Among the rich in the Roman Empire, the most popular pearl is a gem, men and women competing to match the various uses of pearls, such as decorative items and so on. Bedroom and horse ornaments are all shining pearl luster, so the women always wear a Roman pearl sleep, so you can wake up when people would remind them of the value of their interest.


Pearl may be brought by the Crusaders from the East Europe, since then, the appreciation of this gem. Began in Europe spread. In later centuries, monarchs, women, jazz began to make generous use of personal ornaments pearl, this period is the "pearl era."


Queen Elizabeth I and Catherine • Germany • Mai Disi is the most famous pearl lovers, which, from their portraits can be seen on. Other times the king also pearl harbor the same feelings, the pearls as royal treasure and will always be known and the subject of protection. Competition with each other rulers of pearl luxury use, and legislation to limit their citizens to use pearls.


After Columbus discovered America in the early Age of Exploration, Pearl will occupy attract Indians to explore the ideal location of the Garden of happiness. In a large number of legends about the lure of pearl treasure, the Spanish adventurers to the Americas. One of the earliest writers, in describing a trip inland, said he saw "the jewel in every hut has a pint (pint) to a peck (peck) as much." DeSoto people visited temples in India, wrote , the temple is a pearl to make floral. One writer said enthusiastically: "In a temple, the use of pearls as much, even if there is 900-and 300 horses can not take them again." This calculation is certainly exaggerated, explorers may be actually saw in the local property, there are many pearls. At that time, the locals told generous immigration, how to capture the pearls, and they get in the end it was retribution by some of the more brutal adventurers press, and for others to capture the pearls.